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Discover our selection of aperitifs to share. A complete range of products for your truffle aperitifs.
    • Dried fruit flavoured with truffle


      Discover our suggestions of truffle aperitifs, products to be shared to surprise your friends.

      Discover the chef’s recipe: The truffle aperitif
    • Cashew nuts flavored with truffle


      Delicately salted and oven-roasted cashew nuts and black truffle, a powerful flavor in the mouth.

      Discover the chef’s recipe: The truffle aperitif
    • Pistachios flavored with truffles


      New inescapable of your truffled aperitifs, these coated pistachios with black truffle flavour seduce by their crunchiness and their greediness.

      Discover the chef’s recipe: The truffle aperitif
    • Cream of asparagus and summer truffle cream


      A creamy mixture uniting the delicate green asparagus with the truffle.

    • Artichoke and summer truffle cream


      It is difficult to make more festive than with this delicious artichoke cream perfumed with truffle. Delicate flavors that will seduce the palate of the lucky guests who will be at your table.

      Discover the chef’s recipe: Langoustines with truffles
    • Tapenade with summer truffle


      Today, the truffle blends with the flavors of Provence to create a new noble version of Tapenade. The addition of mushrooms makes it a delight, while preserving the original ingredients that contradict it.

    • Tapenade of pepperoni and summer truffle


      The unique aperitif for bell pepper fans. This new recipe combined with the delicacy of cashew nuts and the subtlety of truffles brings an absolutely fantastic taste to all your desires.


    • Anchovies with truffle


      Our anchovy fillets with truffle are a delicious aperitif to be served on buttered bread croutons.  Also try it on roasted peppers or to flavour pasta sauces.

    • Breadsticks with summer truffles


      Delicious to accompany salads, soups, cold cuts, cheeses.

    • Truffle Chips


      The ultimate in aperitif chic! Crack for the unique flavor of authentic chips combined with the premium flavor of truffles. Its intense aroma will make this snack a real gift for the taste buds!

      Discover the chef’s recipe: The truffle aperitif

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