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Creative recipes based on truffles that highlight a beautiful mastery of tastes, textures, and that meet the demanding specifications: to please everyone, to the eye as well as to the tasting.
    • Delight of boletus & white truffle


      The woody and wild taste of the porcini mushrooms combines with the nobility of the white truffle to give this foam with a creamy texture.

      Discover the chef’s recipe: Fettuccine with truffles
    • White truffle cream


      Discover our tasty white truffle cream, very fragrant it will sublimate all your dishes!

      Excellent with pasta with mushrooms and pancetta.

    • Summer truffle cream extra


      A delicious concentrate of truffles to use pure or to mix with cream on your dishes.

    • Excellence of black truffle


      The winter truffle breakings marry perfectly with the realization of a sauce, an omelette, or even stuffings.

      Discover the chef’s recipe: Duck foie gras with truffles
    • Cream of asparagus and summer truffle cream


      A creamy mixture uniting the delicate green asparagus with the truffle.

    • Artichoke and summer truffle cream


      It is difficult to make more festive than with this delicious artichoke cream perfumed with truffle. Delicate flavors that will seduce the palate of the lucky guests who will be at your table.

      Discover the chef’s recipe: Langoustines with truffles
    • Gorgonzola cream with summer truffles


      It’s tasty, it reminds you of childhood, and it’s super easy to prepare: gnocchi gorgonzola with truffle!

      Discover the chef’s recipe: Gorgonzola and truffle cream pizza
    • Extra summer truffle cream


      A delicious concentrate of truffles to use pure or to mix with cream on your dishes.

    • White truffle cheese trio delight


      No salad between us! You are already thinking about using it for your Savoyard fondues.

    • Cacio e pepe della nonna


      Pasta with cacio and pepper is a pasta recipe of Roman and latial origin popular in Italy.

      Discover the chef’s recipe: Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe
    • Bean and pecorino romano PDO with summer truffles


      This recipe will be ideal as a spread on your toast as an aperitif, based on beans and Pecorino Romano PDO. The addition of summer truffle gives that extra touch to a blend that represents a great classic of the Italian culinary tradition.

      Discover the chef’s recipe: Bean and pecorino toast with truffles
    • Cream with parmesan cheese and truffle bianchetto


      With its tasty texture and intense truffle fragrance, our truffle parmesan cream will quickly become an essential delicacy to add to your recipes. To use as an accompaniment to pasta, as a pizza base or as a spread.

      Discover the chef’s recipe: Tagliatelle with truffle
    • Cream of pumpkin cream with summer truffle


      Ideal for your gratins, quiches and velveties, this pumpkin cream with truffle will bring new flavors to your dishes.

    • Cream of Pecorino Romano PDO with truffles


      Let yourself be tempted by the subtle flavors of truffles in this original collection of sauces. In your fresh pasta, in the bottom of pies or homemade pizzas, they will flavour the simplest pats in the blink of an eye.

    • Mushroom and black truffle delight


      Cooks on poultry, in sauce or as an accompaniment, in velouté, in simmered dishes, the porcini mushrooms come to spice up and flavor the sauce at the end of cooking. With eggs in an omelette, in a pasta dish, with a slice of foie gras, on a carpaccio, with a small drizzle of balsamic vinegar and olive oil, fine parmesan petals.

      Discover the chef’s recipe: Crushed potatoes with truffles
    • White truffle delight


      Very easy to use, it can be enjoyed as a sauce base for pasta, as an aperitif on toast, to accompany meat, risotto, fish, poultry …
      Our favorite? On shortbread toast with ricotta.

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