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“Truffle beads”

The truffle Specialist • Signorini TARTUFI

How to use our truffle pearls? Made from truffle juice, they will burst in your mouth and will make you discover the subtle perfume of the truffle.

As an aperitif, you can taste them with a spoon like caviar with a good champagne.

On oysters, quail eggs, medallions of duck foie gras, a carpaccio of scallops, these truffle pearls will enchant your taste buds. Find the association that you like the most!

  • Truffle pearls


    From molecular cuisine and obtained from truffle juice. It sublimates all your dishes; as an aperitif to accompany your foie gras toasts, on blinis accompanied by smoked salmon, on boiled eggs, oysters. It’s up to you!

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