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Truffle Brie

“Pieces of truffle associated with the softness of Brie.”

The Truffle Specialist • Signorini TARTUFI

The tasty purity of the truffle is in perfect harmony with the delicate texture of Brie de Meaux made with raw milk. Each flavor finds its place in a perfect balance. An effective preparation to magnify the cheese by the presence of the truffle and also to delight a multitude of guests.

Ingredients :
  • Choose a soft cheese such as Brie (prepare at least 24 hours before eating).
Preparation :
  1. At least 24 hours before serving time, divide the brie in half evenly in the direction of thickness.
  2. Insert the summer truffle breakage on the lower part of the brie.
  3. The truffle layer must be at least one millimeter thick.
  4. Close the Brie, wrap it in a transparent film and place it in a cool place so that the truffle perfume permeates the cheese deeply.
  5. Serve with excellent bread and a good red wine.

The good news is that you can keep it in a cool place for a few days.

  • Broken black truffle


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  • Summer truffle breakage


    Nice breakings of summer truffle to embellish all your culinary preparations.

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  • Summer truffle slices


    Ideal for finishing or to be integrated into all types of truffle-based dishes. For example, place a few slices on butter, fresh goat’s cheese or beef carpaccio.

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